OrthoAxis - Profile-instructions

OrthoAxis Website Account Settings Instructions

You can get more out of OrthoAxis by completing your profile through the Account Settings page. You can update the fields you entered when registering, change your password, add a title, zip code and/or a phone number to your account. You can also identify what your specialties are. Personalize your account with an avatar of your choice.

Details about each field are described below.

Full Name (Required)

Your full name is displayed in the top right of each page when your are logged in, is used when messaging product reps and is attached to your posts in the forum.


If a title is entered it is displayed along with your name.

Name and Title display in website
Name and Title display in forum
Email/User Name (Required)

Your email address is used to contact you. It is provided to Product Reps that you contact and to other members of the forum. Your email address also acts as the user name used to log into OrthoAxis.

Email address provided to company rep.
Zip Code (Recommended)

Your zip code helps the OrthoAxis system identify the Company Representatives that service your area. It is strongly recommended that you include a zip code with your profile.


Your phone number is only used as an alternative method for OrthoAxis to contact you.

Account Type (Required)

There are four account types to select from, physician, resident, service provider and ordering department.

Physicians and residents must provide their "National Physician Number". Physicians and residents have access to the OrthoAxis forum. Service providers and ordering departments do not have access to the forum but do have access to all other aspects of the website.

Forum link is displayed for physicians and residents
Forum link is shown in drop down if member is a physician or resident
Forum link is not displayed for service providers and ordering departments
Forum link is not displayed in drop down for service providers and ordering departments
National Physician Number (Required for Physicians and Residents)

Your national physician number is used to verify that you are a physician or resident and is required for access to the forum.

Specialties (Recommended for Physicians and Residents)

The specialties section is used to identify the specialties for physicians and residents. If a member's specialties are identified the system's content will be personalized to the specialties selected.


You can personalize you account with an avatar. Your avatar, if one is available, is displayed along with your name in the top right of the screen and with your forum posts. An avatar can be any image that has a maximum height and width of 90 pixels and a file size 25 KB or less.

Member avatar displayed in the website
Member avatar displayed in the forum