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Foot and Ankle
Foot and Ankle Topics
16 yo F with homolateral LisFranc
Trimalleolar fracture in 68 yo male with MS prone to falls

Hand and Wrist
Hand and Wrist Topics
Multiple Problems with No Real Estate
Spanning Plate for radius fracture
scaphoid fracture
Olecranon Surprise!
Metacarpal nonunion
worst ulna fracture ever!
30 y/o silastic distal ulna
cartwheel both bone forearm fracture
Micronail fixation displaced distal radius fx
four corner fusion
cmc scaphoid fracture
thumb metacarpal base fracture
scapholunate reconstruction
scooter radius
shower radius
bike radius
redo scapholunate reconstruction
metacarpal fx refracture
tfcc + scapholunate ruture
open radius ulnar -lunate facet
5 month wrist pain after a fall
series of metacarpal / finger intra medullary
bear processing radial artery injury
machine crush belt injury
smith fracture
monteggia fracture
small finger degloving
crush open metacarpals
cmc and MPJ arthritis
scapholunate and TFCC with ulnar impaction
metacarpal fracture and old failed distal radius no pain
metacarpal fracture and old failed distal radius no pain
wrist pain elbow synostosis

Hip and Knee
Hip and Knee Topics
77 yo with Intra-op medial condyle fx
Operative fixation of impacted femoral neck fracture with narrow femoral neck

Orthopedic Oncology

Pediatric Topics
proximal radius post-traumatic deformity
Unstable distal radius fracture in 9yo
9 yo with closed "both bone forearm fracture"
crossbow injury
12 y/o nonunion
12 y/o nonunion ulna, Galeazzi?

Shoulder and Elbow
Shoulder and Elbow Topics
Clavicle fracture
elbow pain 2 months
Supracondylar type 3 with vascular changes
Clavicle Fracture /Re- Fracture
posterior lateral instability
posterior lateral instabilityx2
post Bicep repair Heterotopic Ossification
30 year skiing injury
olecranon fracture dislocation


Sports Medicine



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