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Internal Derangement of Joints 2020: Pelvis and Lower Extremity

October 23, 2020 to October 25, 2020
Hotel del Coronado, Coronado, California 92118, United States
This course will provide an update of current information on MR imaging in the assessment of musculoskeletal disorders in comparation with other imaging methods.

On the agenda:

-Tumors and Tumor-like Disorders
-Osteonecrosis vs Insufficiency Fractures: Emphasis on the Hip and Knee
-Chondral, Osteochondral and Subchondral Injuries: Anatomy, Pathophysiology, Terminology and MR Imaging
-Muscle Disorders: Anatomy Pathophysiology and General Abnormalities
-Muscles and Tendons About the Pelvis and Hip: Anatomy, Strains and Tears
-Labral Abnormalities and External and Internal Femoroacetabular Impingement
-Important Entrapment Neuropathies of the Pelvis and Lower Extremity
-Meniscus: Structure, Function and Patterns of Failure
-Discoid Menisci and Other Anomalies
-Bone Marrow MRI
-Knee Anatomy, Biomechanics and Footprints of Injury
-Anterior and Posterior Cruciate Ligament
-Medial and Lateral Supporting Structures
-Postoperative Ligaments with Emphasis on the Anterior Cruciate Ligament
-Patellofemoral Maltracking and Patellar Instability/Dislocation
-Quadriceps/Patellar Tendons, Fat Pads, Bursae and Plicae
-MRI/Arthroscopy Correlation
-Osteomyelitis, Septic Arthritis and Soft Tissue Infection with Emphasis on the Diabetic Foot
-Fractures/Dislocations of the Ankle and Foot: Role of CT Scanning
-Tumors and Tumor-like Lesions of the Ankle and Foot
-Adult Acquired Flatfoot Deformity
-Tendons: Tendinosis, Tenosynovitis, Tendon Tears and Other Tendon Abnormalities
-Tarsal Coalition
-Osteochondritis Dissecans of the Talus
-Plantar Aponeurosis
-Ankle/Foot Ligaments: Patterns of Injury
Specialties covered
Foot and Ankle
Hip and Knee


Techniques in Foot and Ankle Reconstructive Surgery

November 20, 2020 to November 21, 2020
Practical Anatomy and Surgical Education (PASE), Saint Louis, Missouri 63108, United States
Approved by the Missouri Podiatric Medical Association, an approved sponsor of Continuing Education in Podiatric Medicine.
Continuing Education Contact Hours (CECH) are awarded based on actual days in attendance at the conference lectures and Hands-on Cadaver workshops with a maximum of 15 CECH.
Specialties covered
Foot and Ankle


AAOS 2021 Annual Meeting

August 31, 2021 to September 4, 2021
San Diego Convention Center, USA
Save the Date and Join Us at the San Diego Convention Center!
You can still expect high-quality education and innovation as well as new opportunities to engage and collaborate both in-person and online August 31 – September 4, 2021.
Specialties covered
Foot and Ankle
Hand and Wrist
Hip and Knee
Orthopedic Oncology
Shoulder and Elbow
Sports Medicine


Mid-America Orthopaedic Association 2021 meeting

September 29, 2021 to October 3, 2021
Omni Amelia Island Resort 300 Third Avenue, S.E., #405 Rochester, MN 55904
· Exhibit

· Workshop

· Company-sponsored lunch

· Mobile Lab

· Advertising in the preliminary program

· Sponsor the annual meeting and/or education programs
Specialties covered
Foot and Ankle
Hip and Knee