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The Connector System is a comprehensive system designed to reduce the complexity of revising and extending existing spinal constructs. The system includes a variety of Rod-to-Rod Connectors, Bypass Connectors, Axial In-Line Connectors and Z Rods as well as instrumentation intended to facilitate the removal of bony anatomy. The Connector System eliminates the need to remove existing hardware while providing stability at adjacent levels.


All Inclusive System​
● Comprehensive offering eliminates the need to remove existing hardware for revision procedures

Improved Intra-Operative Efficiency
● May decrease operative time and potential complications as existing hardware doesn't have to be removed

Bone-Preparation Instruments
● ​Facilitates fusion mass removal commonly associated with revision procedures

Compatible with Multiple Orthofix Spinal Fixation Systems
● Accommodates multiple posterior surgical approaches and rod diameters

Rigid Fusion Constructs
● Revision implants provide mechanical stability at target and adjacent levels

Low-Profile Implants
● Implants are designed to minimize interference with bony anatomy (http://orthofix.com)

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