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The 7D Surgical System: Image Guided Surgery to Empower Surgeons
The 7D Surgical System empowers both surgeons and patients by making image guided surgery fast, cost-effective and, most importantly, radiation-free.

Using completely new technology, our proprietary Flash™ Registration dramatically reduces the registration workflow time from 30 minutes with legacy systems to under 20 seconds.

The surgeon-focused design offers complete sterile system control and improves conditions for surgeons, staff and patients.

With the 7D Surgical System for both spine and cranial navigation, surgeons are empowered with a cost-effective, rapid, radiation-free alternative to traditional IGS. Benefits of 7D Surgical System image guided surgery include:

• Eliminates intra-operative radiation exposure to the surgeon, staff and patient;
• Superior accuracy and image quality with a pre-operative CT;
• Improved workflow efficiencies;
• 20-second patient registration (reduced from 30 minutes for traditional IGS);
• Cost-effective and flexible surgical options. (https://7dsurgical.com/)

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