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Product Overview

ODi’s 7.0mm Cannulated Screw system is available for those fracture types that the Talon™ CHS and Talon™ Distafix™ Nail cannot treat: High femoral neck fractures.

A self-cutting tip and self-tapping flutes gives the custom titanium alloy cannulated screw its aggressiveness. These characteristics provide the surgeon the ability to place the screw quickly and easily. In the event of hard bone a tap is provided. The instrumentation is cannulated to allow for a purely percutaneous technique. Nested drill sleeves allow the insertion of a 3.0mm guide wire, a 5.0mm drill, and the screw through a single stab incision and without switching instruments. To distribute forces in osteopenic bone 13.0mm washers are available in the tray.

Product Features:

Aggressive Self-Cutting / Self Tapping Flutes for easy placement
Easy Insertion
Single Tray System
7.0mm Cannulated Screws


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