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The AOS Magellan Femoral Nail is targeted for use in intramedullary fixation of fractures of the femur. Its unique screw configuration provides both versatility and diversity for the Antegrade/ Retrograde Nail designs. Its innovative features offer superior solutions for the orthopedic advancement of hip fractures.


Antegrade Nail:
Versatile Screw Configurations
● Up to 3 proximal Screws in the proximal femur to form a K-like screw formation for increased stability. This consists of a one reconstruction, one antegrade and one transverse screw.
● 2 proximal screws may be inserted up the femoral head for a reconstruction configuration.
● Threaded holes to prevent screw back out.
● 8mm of Intra-operative or dynamic compression through the jig.
● Oblong Slot may be converted to a static transverse hole with the use of the AOS Spacer.

Anatomical in Design
● Anatomically accurate femoral bow.
● Antegrade screw targets the strong cortical bone of the lesser trochanter.
● Distal Screw Options.
● 3 Distal screw options.
● 8mm of dynamic compression.
● Distal screw options designed to be close to the tip of the nail.

Retrograde Nail:
Diverse Distal Screw Options for all fracture patterns
● Total of 4 distal screw options may be locked to the nail.
● Threaded holes for 3 points of fixation of the cortical bone.
● Oblique screws that target into the femoral condyles for condylar fractures.
● 7mm of Intra-operative or dynamic compression.

Easy to use Compression nut and washer system
● The carbon fiber targeter assists in accurate and precise insertion of the screw, nut and washer.

Targeted Supracondylar Nail
● Targeted & threaded distal holes.
● Anatomically accurate femoral bow.
● Reduced surgical and radiation time. (https://www.aosortho.com/)

Surgical Technique: Antegrade

Surgical Technique: Retrograde

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