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Product Overview

-First used in 2004, PATH® (Percutaneously Assisted
Total Hip) is called the “Direct Posterior Approach”
because it spares key muscles, tendons and soft tissue
to optimize THA outcomes and allow for faster patient
recovery than traditional approaches. By utilizing
familiar patient positioning and anatomic landmarks,
potential complications often found in other less
invasive approaches are reduced. Portal assisted
acetabular positioning allows the surgeon to achieve
consistent and accurate cup placement with minimal
soft tissue disruption without the need for
navigational tools.1

Key aspects

-Preserves Iliotibial Band, Quadratus Femoris and
Obturator Externus

-Allows for surgical dislocation of the femur if desired

-Portal allows for tension free acetabular preparation
without obscuring main wound visibility due to

-Stepwise learning curve based on familiar approaches,
anatomy, and landmarks

-Applicable to a variety of patients: obese patients,
muscular patients, and patients with protrusio or
varus hips


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