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Genesis Amniotic Fluid & Amniotic Membrane Products

-Genesis provides quality tested amniotic fluid and
amniotic membrane products for homologous uses.

What are Amniotic Allografts?

-Amniotic tissues are obtained from healthy mothers
and babies during planned, voluntary cesarean
-There is absolutely no harm caused to either the
mother or the baby while obtaining the tissue.
-Amniotic membrane and amniotic fluid are what
protect, nourish and help in the development of
healthy babies while in the mother’s womb.
-All mothers are pre-screened and interviewed prior to
voluntarily donating the tissue from their C-section.
-After the baby is delivered safe and secure, the
amniotic tissue is taken and processed for
regenerative applications.

What are the benefits?

-Since amnion contains natural growth factors,
cytokines, and hyaluronic acid, there are no steroidal
side effects. Application of Genesis Amniotic Fluid
scaffold helps in the composition of wound healing.
Genesis Amniotic Membrane lowers inflammation and
diminishes scar tissue.

Applications for Genesis Amniotic Fluid

-Inflamed Nerves
-Intra-Articular Pain
-Muscle Tears
-Plantar Fasciitis
-Repetitive Motion Injuries
-Soft Tissue Injuries

Applications for Genesis Amniotic Membrane

-Wound Care
-Acute And Chronic Wound
-Cesarean Site Recovery
-Skin Ulcers
-Surgical Incisions
-Muscle Tears
-Surgical Reconstruction
-Tendon And Nerve Covering

Are there any risks in using Genesis Amniotic Fluid?

-We take pride in providing you the very best products
and hold them to the highest standards. With any
allograft implant, there are risks. Please talk to your
doctor about these possible risks. Genesis Biologics
adheres to the strictest FDA and AATB guidelines for
all of our allograft tissues, including our Amniotic Fluid


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Product Brochure: Amniotic Fluid

Product Brochure: Amniotic Membrane

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