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Product Overview

The only radial head that can be ALIGNed to the patient’s axis of forearm rotation. The first stable and anatomically aligned hemi-arthroplasty of the proximal radio-ulnar join.
• Long Stem for Solid Fixation
• Side Loading Head Design
• Precise Anatomic Alignment

Head Locking Mechanism

• Long stem design provides three point fixation for a solid press fit
• Distal stem flutes for rotational stability
• Ti plasma spray
• Tapered cutting splines positively engage and permanently lock the ball
• Patented internal threads resist loosening of the lock screw
• Side loading head
• Atraumic dish edges minimize capitellar wear

Restoring the Native Anatomy

• The axis of forearm rotation courses from the ulnar fovea to the center of the radial head.
• The prosthetic radial head must be oriented perpendicular to this axis.
• The proprietary Head Alignment Tool
aligns the prosthetic head to the axis
of forearm rotation, restoring the kinematics
of the proximal radio-ulnar joint. (http://skeletaldynamics.com/)

Surgical Technique

Instructions for Use

Product Brochure

Skeletal Dynamics Website


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5.0 out of 5 stars
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Steven Taylor
  on February 26, 2019:

Easy to use. Great outcomes. Initially early on this product had some clicking which was asymptomatic. Skeletal dynamics has completely fixed that problem.


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