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#Aspen LSO
PDAC Code L0631 Approved
The Aspen® LSO offers a scientifically proven degree of motion restriction, while also providing the ability to adjust the brace as needed for each individual patient. The Aspen LSO also provides comfort and support designed to help improve patient outcomes.

Rigid Layered Support

Forms a structurally rigid polyethylene cylinder that restricts motion, yet is easy to trim or shape while on the patient.

Easy LeverLatch™ Closure
Gives the patient a strong mechanical advantage to easily and effectively tighten the orthosis for better restriction and support.

CushionFlex Tabs™
Unique design soften the edges of the orthosis and can be cut to further splay outward or trimmed back for better comfort.

Customized Comfort
Aspen braces conform and adjust to each patient as they are tightened. The CushionFlex Tabs™ and breathable cotton-lined replacement pads further soften the interface. For added comfort, the upper and lower edges can be modified to relieve pressure over anatomical contours, bony prominences, or bone graft sites.

Large Lumbar Window with Sturdy Aluminum Rods
Offers unobstructed vision and physical access to help promote better patient care. Provides maximum airflow to support better patient comfort. Aluminum rods reinforce spinal support and allows formation of patient-specific lordotic curves.


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