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#Aspen Sierra LSO 637
PDAC Code L0637 Approved
The Aspen Sierra™ 637 LSO is an adjustable brace that offers Aspen quality and motion restriction for pre-, post- and non-operative patients. This brace is easy to apply on supine or ambulatory patients. All structural components are accessible and can be removed, molded, bent or trimmed, providing individualized customization options to meet various anatomical and medical needs.

Easy Access for Modification
All structural components are easily removed and can be heat molded, bent or trimmed to accommodate individual patient conditions.

Easy to Locate Pull Tabs
The ergonomic pull tabs are designed to lay flat and are easy to find by feel. Bonded and stitched materials ensure their strength and durability.

One Size Adjustable Option
Fully adjustable, Aspen Sierra braces offer the broadest range of sizes per SKU on the market. Each brace can be custom assembled and tailored to accommodate a wide range of patients.

Bivalve Design Option
Designed for easy application on supine or ambulatory patients from the left or right side.

Lateral Panel Angulation
Lateral panels can be easily angled to provide the best possible fit for a variety of patient anatomies.


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Bivalve Design Documentation Worksheet

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