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The Acumed Elbow Plating System offers multiple fixation options for fractures of the distal humerus, olecranon, and coronoid, as well as osteotomies of the olecranon. The Acumed system was the first elbow plating system to offer precontoured, parallel distal humerus plates. Long screws in the Lateral Column Plate are designed to interdigitate with screws from the Medial Column Plate, providing a parallel construct for the stabilization of distal humerus fractures.

Key Features
• Industry First
• The first-to-market comprehensive, precontoured elbow plating system.
• Olecranon Plate
• The screw trajectory is designed to allow screws to capture fracture fragments and avoid other screws regardless of the screw length selected.
• Anatomic Curvature
Lateral tilt in the proximal region, a distal bow throughout the ulna, and 6° proximal ulnar dorsal angulation (PUDA) are designed to restore native patient anatomy.
• Coronoid Plate Family
These plates are designed to act as a buttress to the coronoid and help counteract the tendency of the elbow to subluxate. (https://www.acumed.net/)

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Surgical Technique

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