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Product Overview

Versatile joint distractor/compressor provides 360° freedom for arthroscopic or open procedures of foot, ankle, hand, and wrist joints

The surgeon puts the pins in the bone, then slides the holes of the device over the pins and distracts or compresses—the device can be locked in either direction. Especially useful for arthroscopy of subtalar, talo-navicular, calcaneo-cuboid, and wrist joints. The T-wrench helps provide precise, controlled manipulation.

Pin Hole Sizes:
.15" (3,5 mm) and .182" (4,5 mm)

Product No’s:

4208-00 [Set with Case]
Includes: Distractor/Compressor, T-Wrench, and Case

4208-01 [Distractor/Compressor Only]
Dimensions: 6" w x 5" h (15,2 cm x 12,7 cm)
Distracts up to: 3" (7,6 cm)
Compresses down to: .5" (1,3 cm)

4208-TW [T-Wrench]
Dimensions: 3" w x 3" h (7,6 cm x 7,6 cm)

1025 [Sterilization Case]


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