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• Designed to be used with any plate in the Hand Fracture System, 1.5 mm and 2.3 mm Hexalobe MultiScrews act as nonlocking screws when inserted into unthreaded slots and locking variable angle screws when inserted into threaded holes. The Hexalobe MultiScrew design allows for angles of up to 15 degrees in any direction for a total of 30 degrees. The SaveLock Compression Sleeve is designed to aid with plate reduction.

• Designed to be used as an adjunct to plate fixation or for fractures which can be treated with lag screws alone, the 1.5 mm and 2.3 mm Hexalobe Lag Screws do not require overdrilling of the near cortex. Hexalobe Lag Screws are intended to be used independently of plates or through slotted plate holes only.

When using lag screws as nonlocking screws in plates, ensure the screw engages the far cortex since lag screws are partially threaded and unable only partially to engage the near cortex. It is recommended to not use more than two lag screws per plate if they are being used as nonlocking screws. (https://www.acumed.net/)

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