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Dr. Paley’s Osteotomy system is a set of surgical instruments especially selected and optimized by Dr. Dror Paley (West Palm Beach, USA) to avail other orthopaedic surgeons of all the necessary instrumentation during deformity correction procedures. Based on Dr. Paley’s own “ideal set” used regularly in the OR and manufactured by demand of LLD specialists, the set concentrates all the small details that makes surgery that much simpler.

The Focal Dome Beam Compass is based on the CORA method and utilizes a continuously variable radius that gives the option of selecting a precise radius from the CORA point and preparing the focal dome osteotomy. The Focal Dome Beam Compass and Drill Guide aid in attaining an accurate placement and alignment of the contiguous drill holes in a polar array of excellent precision. The complementary use of German-made osteotomes and Gigli saw ensures the safe creation of the osteotomy with minimal bone loss.

● Focal Dome Beam Compass for CORA based osteotomy
● Fascitome for compartment syndrome
● Osteotomes sized for the pediatric population
● German made reliable instruments

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