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Clamps onto a tibial knee component for extraction

Designed to lock onto a tibial component and extract in line with the stem or pegs. Two adjustable osteotomes are inserted on the underside of the component. A locking screw clamps on to the top of the extractor to secure the component. Includes standard slap hammer #3935.

Product No: 3630
Includes Standard Slap Hammer #3925
Optional/Individual/Replacement Parts:

3630-01 [Pair of Standard Blades]

3630-02 [Pair of Offset Blades]
10x50mm, Offset 15mm

3630-HS [Hex Screws – Pkg of 6]

3925 [Standard Slap Hammer]
Thread Gauge: 3/8"-16

3935 [Extra Large Slap Hammer]
Thread Gauge: 3/8"-16

3925-HS [Easy Grip Slap Hammer (No Rod)]
Textured silicone hammer designed to help cushion the surgeon’s hand and maintain a solid grip.


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