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Cortical/cancellous shafts, designed to provide immediate structural support to restore segmental bone loss

● Osteoconductive: Natural bone matrix facilitates cell attachment and proliferation, and vascular in-growth
● Structural: Cortical plate provides immediate structural support
● 100% Human Bone: Will remodel alongside patient’s own tissue during the healing process
● Pre-Hydrated: Allograft bio-implants featuring Preservon® are stored in a fully-hydrated state at ambient temperatures. Preservon eliminates thawing and re-hydration time and does not require freezer storage or compromise the graft’s inherent osteoconductive properties1
● Sterile: Sterilized using patented and proprietary Allowash XG® technology which provides a sterility assurance level (SAL) of 10-6, without compromising the graft’s inherent osteoconductive properties2
● Convenient: Implant is pre-sized to fit a variety of applications and minimize prep time in the operating room

Independent sources include the Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center and the American Association of Mechanical Engineers. Data of file at LifeNet Health.
Eisenlohr LM. “Allograft Tissue Sterilization Using Allowash XG.” 2007 Bio-Implants Brief

Clinical Application
● Joint Arthroplasty
● Tumor Resection and Reconstruction
● Fracture Management
● Deformity Correction
● Corpectomy
● Anterior Cervical Fusion

Frozen Description Size
Humeral Shaft
L ≥ 200 mm (https://www.lifenethealth.org)

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Cortical/Cancellous Shafts-Humeral

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