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Product Overview

Provides stable positioning of the knee during surgery

Allows the leg to be manipulated into the desired position and securely locked in place. Has the necessary adjustments to tilt, rotate, and flex or extend the knee. Extension/flexion adjustments can be made with quick release of the ratchet. In use, the base plate is clamped onto the operating table with the vertical side bar. The base plate is then draped and the sterile support plate lowered into the base plate. The patient's foot is wrapped into the foot support with a sterile bandage (additional padding may be used for thin tibias). The complete unit is steam and gas sterilizable. Three (3) Sterile Pads/Wraps are included with each new purchase.

Product No's:
2620 [Leg Holder with Carbon Fiber Footpiece]
Base Dimensions: 20" x 10.5"
Optional/Replacement Parts:
2620-FPI [Carbon Fiber Footpiece Only]
2629-00 [Case of 10 Sterile Pads/Wraps]
2629-L [Single Sterile Pad/Wrap]

Knee Positioner
Sterile Protective
Pad & Wrap
Disposable, latex-free sterile foam pad and cohesive wrap helps protect patient from pressure sores, abrasions and possible neurological impairment while securing foot into the boot.


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