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Product Overview

Cannulated to allow use of a standard 1.6mm (.062") threaded K-wire to help facilitate grasping and removal of a bone sample

Product No’s:
1426-00 [Complete Set with Case]
Individual Product Numbers:

1426-01 [Small Trephine]
Internal Diameter: 5mm
Overall Length: 7.125"

1426-02 [Medium Trephine]
Internal Diameter: 6.5mm
Overall Length: 7.125"

1426-03 [Large Trephine]
Internal Diameter: 8mm
Overall Length: 7.125"

1426-04 [Cannulated Handle Assembly]
Dimensions: 4" x 2"
1025 [Sterilization Case]

Replacement Part:
1425-14-B-COMP [Handle Retaining Screw] (http://innomed.net/index.htm)

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