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Designed to aspirate the medullary canal prior to insertion of the solid instrumentation alignment rod to decrease the amount of semi-liquid material present

Helps evacuate excess fat and marrow content from the medullary canal of a long bone, helping to reduce the pressure and force created during insertion of a metal rod into the canal, which can possibly cause such materials to be emobilized into the circuclation system (and eventually into the lungs) through open venous structures.
The guide wire serves a dual purpose: To help break up the medullary bone in the proximal metaphysis to facilitate the passage of the fenestrated rod, and after the procedure to assist in cleaning and clearing the cannulated portion of the rod.
Also can be used on the tibial side if an intramedullary guide system is used. Can also be used during femoral rodding procedures for fractures.
Product No: 8075 (http://innomed.net/index.htm)

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