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BioAdapt® Demineralized Bone Matrix is comprised of 100% donated human musculoskeletal tissue. BioAdapt provide an open matrix which allows for bony ingrowth, as well as exposure of a full range of proteins known to induce the signal for bone formation.

Features & Benefits
● Absorbs more than 5x dry weight in fluid
● Expands with hydration to provide a contoured fit to the bony defect
● Retains hydrating fluid at the site
● Can be rehydrated with various types of fluid, including but not limited to Bone Marrow Aspirate (BMA), patient's blood or sterile saline
● Easily mixed with autograft or allograft
● Can be rehydrated multiple times
● Water insoluble
● 70% DBM by weight
● Offered in various pre-shaped options (http://www.rtix.com/en_us/)

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