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The Renovis T710 External Fixator System consists of clamps, rods, and pins that provide the surgeon a broad range of frame construct options for stabilizing or immobilizing fractures.

The T710 System is indicated for stabilization of the following:

● Long bone fractures in tibia and femur
● Fractures of pelvis and ankle
● Peri-articular and intra-articular fractures of knee joint and ankle joint
● Joint arthrodesis
● Non-unions and mal-unions
● Osteotomies

Wide variety of clamp options

● Simple, secure locking mechanism
● Manufactured from titanium and stainless steel alloys

● Open, closed, and adjustable rod pin clamp
● Large, multiple pin clamp used to connect carbon fiber rods to multiple bone pins

Carbon fiber rods

● 11 mm diameter
● Provides strength and rigidity

Bone pin options

● Trochar tip or self-drilling
● Titanium or stainless steel alloys
● Multiple diameter and length options

One-tray instrumentation system

● Provides OR efficiency
● Allows for efficient inventory management

Instructions for Use

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T710 External Fixator System

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