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Using a threaded K-wire facilitates grasping and removal of a core bone sample for biopsy or core decompression

Designed for use with a standard 1.6mm (.062") threaded K-wire (not included).
Allows use of trephine at oblique angles to bone surface by using an anchoring K-wire and cannulated trephine
Avoids “skipping” of trephine teeth on bone surface
Facilitates optimal approach angle and direction of trephine
Variety of core diameters yields bone samples of sufficient size for pathology
Adapters allow for use of a power drill
Minimally invasive — soft tissue sleeve protects surrounding structures and tissue
Can also be used for bone graft harvesting
Repositioning guide allows easy adjustment of targeting K-wires
Product No: 1425-00
Trephine Internal Diameters: 5mm, 6.5mm, 8mm (http://innomed.net/index.htm)

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