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Evolutionary Design
Based on key features that have been proven over time.

The Paragon™ Hip System is a fully HA coated, bi-planar wedge system, that incorporates a proprietary lateral tension groove technology onto its surface geometry. The stem's surface, along with its tapered architecture has been specifically designed to load the metaphyseal-diaphyseal junction, reproducing the natural physiological loading patterns of the femur.

Optimized Sizing
Sized to fit the majority of patient anatomy, in every aspect of the implant design.

The Paragon hip stem has progressive neck lengths, allowing surgeons to be more conservative with their femoral neck resection. The overall stem length in larger sizes is smaller in comparison to other systems, in order to avoid overstuffing the femoral canal.

Optimized proximal to distal geometry may allow maximum metaphyseal fixation and torsional stability without the risk of distal stem engagement.1 There are a total of 12 progressive sizes, with 2 offset options.

Natural Stress Distribution
Designed to preserve natural physiology and biomechanics of the proximal femur.

The Paragon hip stem has been specifically designed to respect the natural physiology, biomechanics, and trabeculation patterns of the proximal femur. The stem's surface geometry is comprised of compression grooves medially and tension grooves laterally. This can optimize loading at the metaphyseal-diaphyseal junction. This loading pattern is achieved by converting subsidence and shear stress into compressive and tensile loading patterns on the medial calcar and greater trochanter regions.

Profiled for Any Approach
Unique stem lengths and implant shape suitable for any surgical approach, including direct anterior.

There are many factors to the Paragon hip stem that promote the surgeon's use of their preferred surgical approach, including versatile instrumentation, optimized proximal profile, and a unique offset, polished stem tip on both the implants and broaches. This tip may assist in the reduced risk of distal impingement, and protecting the lateral cortex during broaching. The stem follows the exact broaching trajectory for a reproducible seating pattern. (http://www.omnils.com/index.cfm)

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