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The entire GMK Total Knee System has been designed to preserve joint functionality without dramatically altering anatomy and kinematics, even in cases of severe ligament instability or massive bone defects.

The stress-free modular mechanism of the GMK Hinge implant, along with the bone preserving design and comprehensive range of options, help the surgeon to address demanding joint salvage procedures as well as unstable primary surgeries where the clinical indications show evidence for a constrained implant.
Intuitive instrumentation will assist the surgeon to reduce the number of intraoperative steps, potentially making the entire surgery more efficient.

1) Jump distance increases with the inlay thickness
2) Modular hinge mechanism
3) 6 Anatomic femoral sizes
4) 360° Femoral offset
5) Bone preserving femoral and tibial design
6) 6 Anatomic tibial sizes
7) 360° Tibial offset
8) Cementless and cemented extension stems (http://www.medacta.us.com/US/home-med-pro-us)

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