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MyKnee MIS and muscle sparing surgery:
minimally invasive with the maximal accuracy and efficiency!

● In daily practice, every surgeon faces the increasing demand for excellent and reproducible knee arthroplasty outcomes. The mini-subvastus muscle sparing approach used in combination with the MyKnee MIS, minimally invasive patient-matched cutting blocks, potentially facilitates an exceptional service for the patient.
● The reduced size, rounded edges and anatomical shape allow the MyKnee MIS cutting blocks to flawlessly adapt to minimally invasive approaches. The soft tissues are respected in the easiest way with the added value of an increased accuracy and efficiency.
● MYKNEE MIS Mini-Subvastuts Muscle Sparing Surgery in Total Knee Replacement
● The easiest way to respect soft tissues with the added value of an increased accuracy and efficiency

Published papers show how muscle sparing knee Surgery (MSS) minimizes surgical trauma and reduce knee pain, providing earlier functional recovery:

● Reduction of hospital stay (17% - 43% time less)
● Earlier functional recovery (110° ROM 6 weeks earlier)
● Shorter rehabilitation
● Less pain (16% less at discharge)
● Less medication needed (12% less at 2 weeks)

Different MSS approaches are available for TKR, but only the mini subvastus provides a specific set of potential benefits:

● No muscle cut
● No patella eversion
● No joint dislocation
● Reduced scar
● Excellent exposure
● Versatile approach (http://www.medacta.us.com/US/home-med-pro-us)

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