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In 2003 Medacta conceived a simple, complete and homogeneous system for knee replacement.
The GMK Primary System is conceived and designed adopting state-of-the-art solutions respecting the natural anatomy and kinematics of the knee joint.

1) Asymmetric tibial tray improves the coverage of the tibial resection, minimizing the risk of overhang and sinking
2) Mirror polished tibial tray minimizes the risk of backside wear
3) Bone preserving design: minimum condylar resections and posterior-stabilized version without any box needed
4) Besides the traditional symmetric inset patella, GMK offers also the asymmetric resurfacing patella increasing the patella-femur contact surface, reducing stress on polyethylene and improving stability
5) Anatomic design of the trochlea potentially optimizes the patellar tracking, reducing stress on patellar tendon and the risk of patella dislocation
6) J-curved sagittal profile potentially allows more natural knee kinematics, improves knee flexion and promotes rollback of the femoral component
7) Large tibial fins ensure rotational stability, moreover a 11x65 mm cemented tibial extension stem is available when further stabilization is needed (http://www.medacta.us.com/US/home-med-pro-us)

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