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Designed for use in obtaining improved proximal exposure for femoral canal preparation during minimally invasive direct anterior THA

+ Lateral flange protects the muscle of tensor fascia lata and soft tissues during insertion and removal of femoral broaching instruments
+ Narrow tip for deep placement posterior to the femoral neck, anterior to the greater trochanter
+ Rotation of the retractor handle helps keep the instrument against the patient and out of the surgeon's line of sight
+ May also be used as an alternate to a trochanteric retractor during femoral broaching with a standard posterior approach

Product No's:

4698-L [Left]
Overall Length: 9.5"
Blade Width: 57mm

4698-R [Right]
Overall Length: 9.5"
Blade Width: 57mm

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O'Reilly Direct Access Anterior Broaching Retractor

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