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The SERENGETI® Minimally Invasive Retractor System features a screw-based method of retraction to provide a fixed position in the anatomy. The simplified and flexible design allows for one-step, percutaneous placement of the screw and Retractor, with direct visualization and improved access for rod introduction.

● Direct Visualization & Access to the Screw Heads for Simple Rod Insertion
● Flexible Design Simplifying Multi-level & L5-S1 Rod Insertion
● One-step, Percutaneous Delivery of the Screw & Retractor Reducing Set-up Time
● Screw-based Retractor Design Providing a Secure Method of Retraction
● Minimally Invasive Technique Reducing Potential for Musculature & Vascular Disruption
● Polymer Retractor Design Allowing for Neuromonitoring
● Used with the TERRA NOVA® Minimally Invasive Access System for Direct Posterior Interbody Access

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SERENGETI® Minimally Invasive Retractor System

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