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The OZARK™ Guide Cervical Plate System features a per-level, integrated locking cover that provides visual and tactile confirmation of the final lock position. The Guide Plate features a fixed all-in-one Drill Guide that accommodates a Drill, Tap, Awl, and screw placement. The system also includes a variety of implant sizes, screw dimensions, and surgical instrumentation to create constrained, semi-constrained, or hybrid screw constructs.

● 1–5 level plates with integrated locking cover
● Clear visual & tactile confirmation of final lock position
● Pre-lordosed to match patient anatomy
● Strategically placed windows for graft visualization
● Self-starting & self-tapping screw options
● Flexibility to insert variable screws up to 30° conically (http://www.k2m.com/)

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OZARK™ Guide Cervical Plate System

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