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The DENALI® Deformity Spinal System is a top-loading spinal system featuring off-axis screw height adjustment and offering a complete array of screws, rod connectors, and hooks, coupled with easy-to-use instrumentation. This comprehensive system is poised to address a wide range of complex spinal pathologies.

● Complete Offering of Polyaxial Screws, Monoaxial Screws, Hooks, Rod Connectors, & Rod Options
● DENALI Screw Features Off-axis Screw Height Adjustment
● Variety of Easy-to-use Reduction Instruments
● Distinct Color-coded Implants Clearly Indicating Length
● Ability to Couple With MESA® Deformity Spinal System to Address an Entire Range of Complex Spinal Pathologies (http://www.k2m.com/)

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DENALI® Deformity Spinal System

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