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Product Overview

Globus Medical designs and delivers cutting-edge technologies that revolutionize surgery and optimize patient care by combining the benefits of navigation and robotics into one platform.
● Multi-Functional Robotic Navigation
● Imaging Versatility
● Unique Real-Time Information

Multi-Functional Robotic Navigation

The ExcelsiusGPS® Robotic Navigation platform is the first technology to combine a rigid robotic arm and full navigation capabilities for precise trajectory alignment in spine surgery. The system is designed to improve accuracy and optimize patient care by using robotics and navigation. ExcelsiusGPS® supports screw placement for a variety of different approaches, including:
● Posterior Cervical
● Posterior Thoracic
● Sacroiliac
● Posterior Lumbar
● Lateral Lumbar in the Lateral position

Imaging Versatility

Determine what works best for your surgical workflow. Visualize, plan, and navigate patient anatomy in real-time. Select from three imaging workflows with the ExcelsiusGPS® Robotic Navigation platform.
● Intraoperative CT
● Preoperative CT
● Fluoroscopy (2D)

Unique Real-Time Information

Verify operative planning and receive real-time navigation feedback to help improve accuracy.
● Active Navigation
● Force Sensing Technology
● Navigated Integrated Instruments
● Preoperative and Intraoperative Planning (http://www.globusmedical.com/)

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