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Large grafts are comprised of the diaphysis and epiphysis of long bones. Segments are subdivided into: whole, proximal, and distal.

MTF offers procedure appropriate and patient specific allografts to surgeons around the world. We are one of the only tissue banks to offer complex graft lines such as: osteoarticular allografts and special graft requests.

For more information on graft dimensions, please contact Customer Service.

Features & Benefits
Tissue Code Product Specifications
450330 Humerus Proximal, Left with Cuff: Frozen
450390 Humerus Proximal, Right with Cuff: Frozen
450331 Humerus Whole, Left with Cuff: Frozen
450391 Humerus Whole, Right with Cuff: Frozen
450350 Humerus Proximal, Left without Cuff: Frozen
450400 Humerus Proximal, Right without Cuff: Frozen
450349 Humerus Whole, Left without Cuff: Frozen
450399 Humerus Whole, Right without Cuff: Frozen
450352 Humerus Distal, Left: Frozen
450402 Humerus Distal, Right: Frozen (https://www.mtfbiologics.org)

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