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Product Overview

Developing a breakthrough approach to computer-assisted surgery.

ExactechGPS® is a compact, surgeon controlled, computer-assisted surgical technology that delivers reproducibility in total joint arthroplasty. Merging powerful software and innovative instrumentation, ExactechGPS offers a real-time, patient-specific solution that is designed to improve patients’ quality of life.
Control your destination.

The ultimate surgical experience in your hands
Virtual control at your fingertips.
Designed for reproducibility, the system merges innovative instrumentation with powerful software for the ultimate surgical experience.

Ergonomically designed, ExactechGPS features a touchscreen tablet that integrates seamlessly into the sterile field for easy access and improved line of sight. The enhanced screen size and optimal resolution provides for improved visibility and performance. Combined with active tracker technology and modern instrumentation, ExactechGPS can become a powerful addition to your surgical team.

ExactechGPS Web Software

comprehensive case details
planned vs. digitized values

Real-time reproducibility

Delivering precision and accuracy case after case
Proprietary Technology
ExactechGPS combines surgeon expertise with proprietary technology to align with your goals for reproducible outcomes. Supporting both shoulder and knee arthroplasty, ExactechGPS has been shown to achieve a high level of accuracy and precision. (https://www.exac.com/)

Product Brochure

Product Brochure: Knee Application

Product Brochure: Shoulder Application

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