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Features / Benefits
● Dissolves the dead, dry skin cells that build up on the soles, heels and sides of your feet
● Hydrates the surface skin layers leaving skin soft and supple
● Kills fungus deep within the skin
● Provides a defense against further superficial skin invasion
● Leaves feet smooth, moisturized and protected
● Relieves itching, burning & cracking of the skin
● Treats most forms of tinea pedis

Soleus® products are specially formulated to treat:
● Discolored, thickened, brittle nails
● Thick, dry, calloused, skin on the heels, soles and sides of the foot
● Athletes foot, ringworm, and other forms of tinea

The Soleus® Foot Care Collection provides an optimum solution to combat fungus and restore the skin and nails’ protective function, leaving feet soft and smooth. With daily use, Soleus® fights and prevents fungal infections without the side effects or high cost of many other prescription treatments. Depending on the severity of the infection, results can be seen in as little as one treatment.

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