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Arthrosurface® offers three different restoration systems to treat toe pain – hallux rigidus: the HemiCAP DF® (Dorsal Flange), the Toe Classic HemiCAP® with no flange and the ToeMotion® Total Toe System. The Toe Classic is primarily used in early disease where a simple resurfacing will suffice or for the lesser metatarsals. The HemiCAP DF® is used in the 1st metatarsal and incorporates an anatomic, extended dorsal curve to improve dorsal roll-off while preventing osteophyte regrowth. For patients with late stage disease who may not want a fusion because of their work or activity demands, Arthrosurface has developed the ToeMotion® Total Toe System. The ToeMotion restores mobility and maintains native biomechanics using the dual curved HemiCAP DF® and modular tray-style phalangeal implant with a threaded baseplate. Fourth generation fixation components provide stable constructs on both sides of the joint. All Arthrosurface systems are available in a variety of different convexities designed to fit the implant to the patient’s native anatomy.

For the most common type of Foot Arthritis (hallux rigidus), outcome data shows that HemiCAP Toe Implants are the better solution for patients looking to improve motion. The HemiCAP hemiarthroplasty toe implants have a long clinical lifespan, proven fixation and do not burn any bridges for future surgeries. (https://www.arthrosurface.com)

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