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Product Overview

2-Stage Approach

The CLR™ Access System is designed to provide less invasive LLIF access. The access tube creates a corridor to view the psoas muscle, allowing for muscle splitting dissection and retraction in line with the psoas muscles fibers.

The CLR™ Access System features:
• Tubular superficial soft tissue retraction
• Muscle visualization prior to dissection for nerve avoidance
• Incremental psoas retraction in line with muscle fibers
• Self-stabilizing retractor blade design
• Unobstructed intraoperative viewing

Attributes of CLR™ Access System:
• PEEK construction
• Psoas retractors feature incremental and independent adjustment
• Specialized psoas retraction instruments
• Integrated lighting and intraoperative neuromonitoring options
• Multiple access tube lengths (https://www.spinewave.com)

Spine Wave, Inc. Website

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