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Medtronic SynchroMed™ II pump and catheter are part of an implantable drug infusion system that stores and delivers medication into the intrathecal space. The Clinician Programmer allows you to confidently program the pump to meet the needs of your patient. The infusion system can be prescribed with the myPTM™ Personal Therapy Manager to help alleviate your patient's unpredictable pain. Combined with the Control WorkflowSM, we are working to eliminate systemic opioids and provide effective pain relief.1

Hatheway JA, et al. Systemic opioid elimination after implantation of an intrathecal drug delivery system significantly reduced health-care expenditures. Neuromodulation. 2015 Apr;18(3):207-13.

We pursue future innovations to help simplify therapy delivery.

The latest Clinician Programmer features simple, visual, and intuitive workflows to help simplify the programming experience.
The refreshed myPTM™ Personal Therapy Manager features a simple, patient-friendly design. You can help your patients alleviate their unpredictable pain without systemic opioids.2
We improved the design and performance of the SynchroMed™ II pump by completing the implementation of four design changes in 2017.3 We have an unwavering commitment to precision and accuracy.

Instruction Manual

Instruction Manual

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